A journey of 20 years, developing my unique style, and teaching stitching from my home in Melbourne Australia, sharing the Sashiko style.

My name is Andrea Taylor and I have been stitching and teaching in the "Japanese" style of Sashiko and "Boro" for about 20 years and have been a dressmaker for around 40 years. I also indigo dye using an organic recipe vat.
Sashiko and Boro seem to be the techniques which I find I can create and be my most creative in. I have always tutored the traditional way of transferring Sashiko patterns with Chaco paper to fabric, as I have always believed that it has given me the most creative freedom with my designs. Many of my designs are developed by myself from copyright free Japanese books my son brought back from his many visits from Japan. I was lucky enough to visit in 2015 to see the Tokyo quilt show, an amazing spectacle. Recently I have branched out and have included my own screen printed and Lino cut printed designs to incorporate with Sashiko and Boro, giving another dimension to my work.
Now with the inclusion of slow stitching on everyone's "radar", Sashiko, the ultimate and most elegant of slow stitching styles can now hopefully take its rightful place as a technique to learn and love as I have for many years.

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